RINF Alternative News is a daily updated source for under-reported news and current events. Heavy focus is placed on human rights issues, privacy and political dissent.History Created in 2004, RINF Alternative News exclusively presented rare video footage which mainly included anti-war rallies, protests and demonstrations. At the time, the only other notable alt media websites in the UK included Indymedia, Propaganda Matrix and David Icke, making RINF one of the first alternative news sites in the UK. By 2007 the website was receiving approximately 4 million hits a month. Site founder Mick Meaney, a British web developer, aimed to give activists an additional channel to promote a range of issues via the site by focusing on uniting groups through their common aims and synergies. Among the groups supported by the site, the Stop the War Coalition, the NO2ID campaign[1] and various climate change groups are heavily promoted. Another aim of the site is to allow visitors to interact with independent authors, film makers and reporters. These included interactive interviews and monologues with best selling author Jon Ronson, peace activist Brian Haw,[2] BBC reporter Martin Bell, and more. With the advent of video sharing web sites, RINF Alternative News turned its attention towards journalists a d bloggers who were often ignored by the corporate media, usually from war-torn regions and countries with strict human rights records. Hiatus Between 2010 and 2012 RINF temporarily stopped publishing alternative news content, as a result of severe hacks on the website. By August 2012 Meaney had regained full control of the website which allowed him to increase security. On November 5th (Guy Fawkes Night), 2012, RINF Alternative News officially launched its own YouTube Channel[3], producing investigative video reports that highlight or challenge the misdeeds and motives of the establishment. [edit]Open Publishing In late 2008 RINF Alternative News officially became an 'Open Publishing' web site, allowing whistleblowers, activists and members of the public to create content anonymously. By 2010 Mick Meaney had developed a range of Internet marketing strategies that he used to promote the website and the peace movement campaigns it supported. With the increased awareness of viral marketing and blogging, the website encouraged pro-active bloggers to use multiple online marketing techniques to promote their message, serving as a private ISP to provide bloggers with free web hosting[4]. Although an 'Alternative' news website, it is used as a source by journalists in the traditional media.