OpenReviewing - OpenPublishing - Launching2012

The Challenge

If we can set a goal to sequence the human genome for $100, then why can't we do the same for academic publishing?

Freely Available

And why can't all of that research, and the reviews behind it, be open to the public that paid for it and to the science community?


In the age of the Internet, that's possible. How much should it cost to publish then?

$99 - For Life

That's it. $99. Unlimited publishing for life. And open to those who paid for it. The tax payer. Simple.


Support the Cause

You'll receive early entry and help us gauge overall interest for this new publishing service.

The Mission

Provide a platform to openly publish and openly peer review academic research. This is in contrast to the closed review practices common to academic publishing today. We believe an open model such as this will accelerate the outcome of research for both the individual researcher and the community.

The $99 Sustainable Model

OpenRePub is establishing a new sustainability model. Researchers are asked to make an author contribution of only $99 for unlimited lifetime publishing. And it's all freely available to the public.

The Team

The founding team includes current and former scientists with deep experience in both academic publishing and building startup companies. Follow the crew on Twitter.

Why Open Peer Review?

We believe this added transparency is critical in order to remove the bias inherent in today's peer review system. We also believe it will reduce the number of retractions common with the current anonymous review practice. The reviewer names are open, but only to the authors who submit the paper. We've found a way to incentivize Open Peer Review.

Why Open Publishing?

First, the tax payers deserve free access to research they've paid for. "They won't understand it" is not a valid excuse. Second, the research community greatly benefits from unencumbered access to the research. And it helps the individual authors rapidly gain credit and revise their work. OpenRePub is striving to make research a living process, not a set in stone PDF. Worried about a high Impact Factor? So are we, that's why the best research will still get noticed on OpenRePub. More to come.